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Your reliable partner for

With our full-range Wealth Management Platform, we are dedicated to manage, grow and protect your wealth, for family, inheritance and other needs.
Equipped with a comprehensive set of investment instruments, we work closely with our global research team to design portfolio solutions to meet your long-term wealth planning goals.

Each client has different needs in different stage of life.

In our Insurance solutions, we are committed to provide you the diversified solutions with global insurance companies to fit your various needs of life and health protection, wealth accumulation, education fund planning and general protection, etc.

We also offers coverage for your business, including but not limited to employees’ benefits, public liability, keyman insurance and employees’ compensation, etc.

Retirement plans can be challenging at any age.

Our team is committed to providing a comprehensive, tailored plan and managing your Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) account to achieve wealth protection, wealth accumulation, succession and legacy planning in satisfying your ideal retirement lifestyle.

Our Vision

Your Reliable Partner for intelligent investment.

Being different is not the key.
Being trustworthy is the fundamental motivation and value cherished by us. We strive for excellence through innovation, diligence to build a better tomorrow.

our excellence
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With our global presence and extensive networks in international markets, we bring you ahead of the others, delivering well thought solution to you.
Having built our strength out from the keen competition in the global financial industry, we shall continue to excel in the asset management arena for our clients.

We would like you to be elegant and sophisticated, feel rewarded and enriched, not only in investment, but in every aspect of your life.
Our Club Prestige would bring you fresh ideas and perspectives via refined and stylish lifestyle events. You may learn new information and insights to stay updated, or even experience amazing journeys to widen your horizons and enrich your life goals and values.

Life Science Seminar

22 Jun 2017Shangri-La, HK
Our prestigious guests attended Life Sciences seminar on medical technology update held at the Island-shangri-la Hotel.
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Cartier SIHH 2017 Collection showcase

24 Apr 2017Central, HK
We proudly presents “Cartier SIHH 2017 Collection showcase”, co-organised with Cartier and exclusive for our clients.
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Our team of high caliber advisors together with the experienced investment managers are always committed to providing the exceptional services to you. We listen to you and design personalized solutions based on the unique insights of our research team. We are dedicated to manage, grow and protect your wealth while exploring new opportunities in the market for you.

We strive to excel with intelligent investments, in every piece of actions and decisions being made for you. What makes us unique is your successful experience in enjoying our partnership and service in the journey to achieve your goals.

Personalized Services

We understand the idea that “No two are alike”. Hence we will design a set of financial solutions exclusive for you. We are devoted to manage your investment through bespoke and innovative personalized solutions.

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Intelligence often comes from experience, creativity and diligence. Making intelligent investment could be both an art and a science. With our professional team we are committed to achieve sustainable success through intelligent investments.